Online discussion “COVID-19: Defying Universal Fear”

03/29/2020 | Health

1.Arsen Torosyan – RA Minister of Health.
2.Dr. David Nabarro- an international civil servant and diplomat, served as a specialadviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development and Climate Change.
3.Dr. Noubar Afeyan – Founder and CEO, Flagship Pioneering; Co-author of the vision of '';At the Crossroads''; Co-Founder of Aurora Humanitarian Initiative; Board
Member of IDeA Foundation, UWC Dilijan and Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST); Scientific Innovator; Professional Entrepreneur; 
4.Lord Ara Darzi – Director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London; Chair of Aurora Prize Selection Committee; Board Member of
Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST).
5. André Andonian – Managing Partner Japan, McKinsey & Company, Inc., Japan; Board Member of McKinsey & Company Inc. Global.
6.Ruben Vardanyan – Co-author of the discussion paper ''At the Crossroads''; Co- Founder of IDeA Foundation, Aurora Humanitarian Initiative and UWC Dilijan; Co- Founder and Member of the Board of Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST); Entrepreneur; Impact Investor; Venture Philanthropist.

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