We ask for your support to help us make 2019 yet another productive year for VOA TVNY.

As we look back at the past 8 years of our existence we release that we have come a long way.

Our show is now can be seen every Sunday on ROKU TV reaching nation wide audience.  

We also have established, robust and interconnected presence online with active and vibrant social media and interactive state of the art new website. 

We have launched a new community events newsletter on our website where individuals and organizations can post information about their upcoming events free of charge.

The entire library of our shows, nearly 1000 programs and counting are now available online serving as an important archive for our community.

We have many new plans for 2019 and with your financial help, we can make VOA TVNY better and stronger than ever!

Please make your contribution to VOA TVNY. No amount is too large or too small and since we are registered non-for-profit organization your contribution is tax deductible.


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