Armenian Genocide ( page 5 )

As the Armenian nation commemorates the 100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide, we are committed to give maximum amount of coverage and exposure to all the events that takes place in our community, specifically in New York - New Jersey Metropolitan areas and across the United Sates. To the date we have provided extensive coverage of major recent political, social and cultural Genocide Centennial related events including, the march to the Turkish consulate in New York, the historic Times Square Commemoration event, three day panel and event conference Responsibility 2015,’ National Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide Centennial events in Washington, D.C., as well as visits of the Armenian President and Armenian Catholicosate of both domination. We have conducted  interviews with New York and New Jersey senators, congressmen and other politicians who support our cause.  In our Armenian Genocide Centennial programs we will continue reporting on all Centennial Commemoration events and activities in our community and beyond throughout the rest of 2015.

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